Integrated Solutions for Special Education


The Special Education Development Program seeks to re-build the school environment to equally embrace all students with love and acceptance. The philosophy of the program is based on the implementation of Inclusive Education in partnership with a global consulting firm specialized in the special education field. The program aims to develop inclusion at public education schools, in addition to developing procedural and reference manuals to be applied at pilot schools. This includes laying foundations, creating principles, restrictions, standards, requirements, supplies, mechanisms and procedures that can create an ideal school environment for the inclusion of special education.



To provide equal learning opportunities and supportive systems for all students.


  • To develop policies that identify and classify students with special needs:
    • Mentally challenged individuals
    • Physically challenged individuals
    • Students prone to risks
    • Students with critical socioeconomic circumstances
  • To evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of policies that identify target groups and classify them.
  • To develop scientific tools that can identify and evaluate the students with special needs
  • To raise awareness and develop policies and frameworks to include mentally and physically challenged students in public education
  • To provide equal enrollment opportunities for all students with special needs at public schools regardless of gender, social background, geographical location or the nature of their special needs
  • To provide learning opportunities that meet the needs of gifted and creative students
  • To implement school support systems that protect students prone to risks
  • To provide opportunities or alternatives for those who are outside the education system or those who failed to join school