Comprehensive Solutions for Student Activities and Community


The Department of Student Activities and Community is working on creating initiatives that focus on supporting academic curricula through utilizing students‘ time inside school and after school as well as the summer holidays to provide them with educational and recreational services that support their integrated development including academic and career development.

 Furthermore, the department is designing comprehensive care initiatives for youth development through developing appropriate activities that promote the concept of good citizenship and social responsibility in addition to encouraging innovation and creating interest in the arts, sports, and health. This is achieved through establishing clubs that nurture the students‘ interests where the clubs are run by students under the guidance and supervision of specialized cadre.

The department also conducts specialized summer programs to provide more opportunities for the students to strengthen their basic knowledge and skills. The department has developed the following programs:

  • School Sports Development Program
  • Health Promotion Program
  • Life and Labor Market Skills Program
  • Community Clubs Program
  • Family and Community Program


Our Goal

We aim to provide innovative opportunities for students in all academic levels, support their integrated and comprehensive development, promote awareness of community members and parents about life issues and enable them to influence their kids positively.

Our Services

  • Building school capacities to develop student activities.
  • Developing specialized programs that help students adapt easily to career life and university life.
  • Providing a range of innovative activity options for students that match their interests.
  • Offering professional development programs for all interested people at schools and educational institutions and qualify them to conduct activity programs.
  • Developing the tools and means to spread awareness among community members about life issues.

School Sports Development Program

The School Sports Development Program is a specialized program that provides an attractive educational environment for students of all ages in order to develop their teamwork and leadership skills. It also aims to be a leading program in the field of developing and enhancing the sports level across the Kingdom and then attracting a big number of students to practice sport activities for the sake of health, recreation and competition.

Health Promotion and Healthy Lifestyle Program

The Health Promotion and Healthy Lifestyle Program seeks to produce a healthy generation that adopts healthy lifestyles. The purpose of the program is to improve the health of the school community in general (including families). The program provides healthy living concepts, skills and develops improved attitudes towards participation in physical activities, adjusted diet and a healthy lifestyle. The program is also working on equipping schools and training teachers on the concepts and skills required to apply the school curriculum and extra-curricular activities with more emphasis on life skills linked to a healthy lifestyle.

Life and Labor Market Skills Program

It is a specialized program  that seeks to promote life and labor market skills of students and develop them to take responsibility and maintain high productivity to succeed in their academic and professional lives. The program aims to improve the preparedness of students to adapt easily to career life and/or university life through providing them with interactive training and educational services. The program supports the development of their character and attitudes and promotes social responsibility and good citizenship along with preparing students academically and professionally in line with the labor market needs.

Community Clubs Program

The Community Clubs Program for educational and recreational activities is a specialized program that aims to establish schools in residential neighborhoods and refurbishes them with improved educational and recreational facilities. The programs are open to male and female students in particular and the community in general. The Community Clubs provide their services during and after school hours where interested individuals meet and develop their own skills and practice their hobbies. People also make effective use of their leisure time and develop good friendships that provide them with useful experiences and contribute to creating an integrated personality that achieves social and psychological stability in a secure and attractive recreational and educational environment.

Family and Community Program

The program seeks to enhance family roles in improving and supporting the student-learning process. It aims to strengthen family roles through encouraging their active participation within the school and the community.