Content Development and e-Solutions


The development of educational content in all its formats (visual, audio, digital, and print) and all its attributes (values, knowledge, skills and expertise) is the cornerstone and guide for the educational process (inside and outside the academic curriculum) that adheres to the standards meant to control performance and measure the achievement of desired and planned objectives.

Tatweer Company for Educational Services, through content development and an e- solutions system provides a system of an integrated, professional and educational services that contribute to the improvement of the educational process and development of professional performance. The development of this system is supervised by local, regional and international educational experts  attracted by T4edu.


Our Goal

To provide exceptional educational solutions in line with international standards and supported by integrated e- solutions along with blended professional development programs.


Our Services:

  • First: Educational Content
    • Planning and developing educational curricula
    • Professional development programs for teachers
    • Planning  and supervising the implementation of teachers’ programs
    • Providing specialized consulting services
  • Second: e-Solutions
    • Provision of all forms of e-learning and training
    • Development of educational and training digital content
    • Development and hosting portals and e-applications
    • Provision of e- learning technical consultations

Accomplishment Snapshots:


First: Educational Content

  • Developed curricula in line with international standards
    • Developed the computer course curricula and provided the English language curricula in collaboration with international educational companies and national experts.
  • Developed the secondary education system.
    • Built a strategy for secondary education development including development of practical tracking systems to align secondary education outputs with the labor market requirements.
  • Conducted professional development programs for teachers.
    • Developed highly reliable face-to-face, blended and e- professional development programs to serve the curricula of science, math, computer and English language.
  • Innovative Learning.
    • Designed manipulative math toolkits in addition to designing and producing manuals for alternative and interactive scientific experiments and trained teachers on how to use them.
    • Designed national contests to produce an educational digital content for teachers ( Enrichment Contest)
    • Designed and produced historical digital content and an e-platform that connects Muslims‘ scientific contributions to curricula and academic courses.

Second: e-Solutions:


Virtual School

It is an e-school that offers virtual educational solutions for the sake of learning dissemination and sustainability in addition to providing learning to those who have no access to school. It is also concerned with all students with different levels and ages. It provides the following virtual educational services (e- registration, virtual classes, e-tests, e-homework assignments, reports and statistics, educational support, follow-up and e-certificates)

e-Tests and Self-evaluation

It is an interactive e- service that supports the evaluation and assessment processes that aim to improve the learning process. The e-tests service enables teachers to develop assessment tools and send them to students electronically.

Furthermore, the e-tests service enables the student to perform self-evaluation at the level of a lesson, a unit and even the whole course. It is also available, before, during and after learning. Both services provide self-scoring, entering the grades estimated by the teachers, providing performance reports on a variety of tests. This enables the parents, the teacher and the students to have access to them and even keep them in the student’s portfolio.

e- Homework Assignments

It is an interactive service that enables teachers to assign homework to students, score it electronically, provide reports to parents and follow up on the student’s progress.

Question Bank:

 It is an e- system that allows teachers to write and review questions and homework assignments. It is a huge e-storage that contains the e-educational questions prepared in advance on courses, or prepared in collaboration and arbitration of teachers.

Lesson Planning:

It is an e- service that enables teachers to prepare their daily lesson plans electronically. It provides the teachers with best guidelines for lesson planning in addition to providing them with  the following advantages:(syllabus distribution over the year, recommending best instructional strategies, e- guiding processor to plan lessons effectively, guiding tips for teachers, guidelines for smart implementation, a library of e-practical lesson plans and an interactive library for specialized teachers)

e- Training

Providing a variety of e-training programs through different training platforms that contribute to professional development of the educational and administrative incumbents along with the educational leaders. This enables them to do their jobs effectively.

The National Education Portal “ iEN”

The National Education Portal “ iEN” is one of the key e-solutions that aim to utilize technology in education effectively and efficiently. This is to find exceptional educational e-solutions that contribute to education improvement. “iEN” portal provides services to students, teachers, educational leaders and parents in a form of educational services that support the role of each in the educational process.

Thus, “ iEN”  would be a portal for teaching and learning where students can acquire knowledge, communicate with their teachers, and exchange knowledge with their friends and peers. The portal also helps the teacher to be creative inside the classroom and it maintains the teacher’s publications. Through the portal, the teachers can connect the students to what they have learned, measure it and then promote it. It also makes it easy for the parents to follow up on the progress of their kids. It also provides indicators for the educational leaders to promote the progress of the educational process and define the areas of weakness to remedy them. Moreover, the portal provides a series of e-services such as interactive books, classes, free learning and “iEN” store.