Integrated Solutions for the Management of Educational and Organizational Programs and Projects


Tatweer Company for Educational Services (T4edu) realizes that converting the visions and goals of educational institutions into reality depends on employing contemporary methodologies, techniques and tools in educational project management. Hence, the program and project management field is viewed as one of the cornerstones that T4edu counts on to support its clients by enabling them to manage their projects professionally. Furthermore, the success of institutions in managing their own projects and reaching their goals with high efficiency and quality depends on building manpower capacity.

T4edu offers program and project management services in the fields of education, administration and logistics in accordance with the American Model Methodology (PMBok), which is widely used in many countries throughout the world.

T4edu has a dedicated team of specialists who run the program and project services and supervise their implementations using methods developed by T4edu in collaboration with specialized consulting firms in order to align with the educational projects.

Moreover, T4edu provides the required infrastructure for running and implementing such programs and projects based on the client‘s needs and in a manner that achieves the desired results.


Our Goals:

  • To enable clients and stakeholders to meet or exceed their project goals
  • To disseminate the project management culture in different areas of education and service sectors
  • To contribute to the development of capacities and skills of the clients’ and stakeholders’ staff in the field of program and project management.

Our Services

  • Feasibility Studies and Scopes of Work:
    • Conducting technical and financial feasibility studies for projects.
    • Developing scopes of work, incorporating goals and deliverables.
    • Preparing and developing RFIs (Request for Information), RFPs (Request for Proposals) and pricing tables.
  • Analysis of Technical and Financial Proposals and Awarding Projects:
    • Analysis of technical and financial proposals.
    • Building, developing and managing contracts.
  • Project Management Implementation:
    • Creating executive plans, along with scheduling and developing resources.
    • Managing the processes of implementing activities and components of the scope of work.
    • Managing the quality control and deliverables acceptance processes.
    • Managing contract and project completion processes and releasing relevant resources.

Our Business Approach

T4edu is primarily interested in achieving the goals of its partners and clients;

ensuring high quality and cost effective services. The customer service cycle starts with accurately identifying the client‘s goals and needs, and then defining the best-fit work methodology accordingly. T4edu has a set of methodologies that have been developed in collaboration with specialized consulting firms. Such methodologies are aligned with the nature of the educational and organizational projects along with the logistical services, followed by the implementation phase. This cycle ends with assessment of the implementation and project review.

The work is managed by an elite group of program and project managers, who are

highly qualified and specialized in this field. T4edu utilizes a customized Microsoft EPM (Enterprise Project Management) tool to align with the methodology used by the department of approved projects at T4edu to meet the needs of project management.


Our Success Domains

T4edu is very keen to provide the best services to its customers in the following areas (qualifying human capital, developing appropriate processes and utilizing and activating tools and technology). Here are the details:

  • Human Resources:
    • T4edu takes pride in its elite team of project and program directors that have been certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI), and qualified in PMP, and PgMP. Furthermore, T4edu provides training programs to promote the skills of the work teams in such fields.
  • Processes:
    • T4edu owns methodologies in the management of portfolios, programs and projects as well as models designed by experts in this field in alignment with the methodologies of the Project Management Institute (PMI), where those methodologies have been reviewed and approved by experts accredited by PMI.
  • Systems and Technology:
    • T4edu owns an automated system for the program and project management (EPM) at institutional and operational levels, where the company utilizes the state-of the art technology in this field, in addition to the required regular reports and dashboards at multi-functional levels in line with the agreed performance indicators with stakeholders


Our Partners

  • Methodology Reference and Accreditation: International Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • Program and Project Management of Business: Microsoft Corporation
  • Customization and Development of Systems and Reports: DEVOTEAM