Comprehensive Solutions for Organizing Educational Outreach Events


Tatweer Company for Educational Services realizes that a significant aspect of the 21st century is the diversity of educational communication tools in addition to the need of educational institutions to exchange information and ideas.

T4edu focuses on providing comprehensive and diverse solutions to exchange information and ideas through technical services provided for its clients in this field. T4edu provides its clients with a range of unique communication solutions such as complete logistical and organizational support for conferences, seminars, forums, training courses and business meetings in a flexible manner that meet the needs of our partners and clients and achieve their goals.

Moreover, T4edu provides a range of services and integrated solutions that meet the institutions’ expectations in the fields of design, production, printing, organization, equipment and management in line with best international practices in conducting meetings.


Our Goal:

To provide event management services for our clients in a flexible, creative, and timely manner where our services are delivered using the latest technology that achieves clients‘ goals in line with the best international expertise and practices.

Our Services:

  • Creating highly experienced teams who can provide successful solutions and practices in event organization and management.
  • Preparing project plans based on the project management approach accredited by PMI.
  • Designing event identity and applications in a professional way.
  • Designing the layout of conference venues including display platforms for keynote speakers and presenters along with preparing guiding signs, promotional materials and press advertisements
  • Marketing educational events and conferences in a modern and an innovative manner.
  • Designing and implementing media campaign plans through visual, auditory, social, electronic and print media.
  • Equipping event halls and platforms with modern lighting and audio systems.
  • Creating and managing websites for events and design applications that support such events on smart devices in addition to raising awareness and providing necessary information prior, during and after the event.
  • Opening, managing and activating accounts for events on social media networks to support their success.
  • Developing plans to conduct surveys, analyze and report results.
  • Providing simultaneous interpretation for speakers and participants via high quality audio devices.
  • Providing guest pick up and drop off services to and from the airport in addition to booking accommodation and managing reception and registration processes at the event location.
  • Documenting all event activities through photographs and TV broadcast.